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Welcome to our chat room at American Bingo!

We require ALL of our roomies to respect the following chat room conditions. By doing so we guarantee the best entertainment within our chat room community.

1. Under NO circumstances should roomies be offensive to any Chat Manager or any other chat members.

2. NO arguing or bickering at anytime. Complaints are best handled in the form of a troubled ticket or a direct e-mail to

3. NO Soliciting funds from any of the chat member.

4. Please, ONLY allow for CM's & VB's to use CAPITAL LETTERS. This will take away from any possible confusion and make chat assistance & games more pleasurable. An exception will be made should there be no CM or VB present...go wild ;)

5. Roomies must be courteous to others there NOT mention other bingo sites in the chat room. Members are here to play American Bingo.

6. Roomies MUST have respect for CM's, VB's and HM's authority.

7. Do NOT lament any winner during a winning streak; this will just instigate other players to feel that the winner is depriving everyone to win.

8. Roomies are NOT permitted to use foul language, racial, or ethnic slurs.

9. DO welcome new chat members as they log in to chat.

10. Any alias should be registered in good taste. (Offensive aliases will NOT be accepted)

11. Do make suggestions that will further enhance the fun chat atmosphere.

12. Feel free to bring up any interesting topics for discussion. Your life is our life :)

13. In the absence of a CM or CB one may copy/paste any offensive violations in the form of an e-mail and forward it to our (all such cases will be kept anonymous, the sender of the e-mail will never be mentioned)

14. Do help 'newbies' in the chat room. It's an extension of good chat conduct.

15. NO impersonating another person in chat.

16. NO exchanging accounts information.

17. Roomies must refrain from gossiping about other players. This is seen as rude and can be taken offensively by others.

18. Macros/chat blasts are welcomed but should be used sparingly.

19. All Chat room members must be 18 years of age or older to participate in the chat room activities.

The following action will take place should there be a violation made to the chat regulations...

  • One will be warned in public chat and reminded which rule has been broken. They will then be referred to this page and be advised to stop their actions.
  • Should the actions continue a CM, VB or HM may/will revoke that user of their chat privileges and possibly disable their player's account altogether.
  • Any disabled player may earn their chat privileges ONLY by e-mailing our explaining their situation or any possible misunderstanding. Our Hall Manager will reply to any such case with a fare decision.

Our chat moderators are here for game development, answer questions and to help players. If a chat moderator is not available, please contact us via email

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